What do you envision when you hear the words Rochester Hills boot camp ? Did you do it too? Did you picture drill sergeants barking at hapless exercisers while they do pushup after pushup? Or did you imagine “Biggest Loser” contestants near tears trying to run in the hot sun in sweat suits? This is the stereotypical view that people have for boot camps. Given those images, you probably wonder why boot camp has become the latest fitness craze or, for that matter, why anyone would ever sign themselves up for such torture. The truth is – a Rochester Hills boot camp is not at all what you think… and once you get started, you’ll very likely wish you’d have started sooner.
If Rochester Hills boot camp wasn’t fun, then no one would return. You may be punishing your body, but any boot camp graduate will tell you that it’s easy to become “a glutton for punishment!” Nothing beats the workout “high” and sense of soaring accomplishment you feel after a good hard workout.
Why would you go back if you didn’t feel you were getting “a real workout?” People come to Rochester Hills boot camp looking to sweat and push themselves harder than they would just working out on their own. Everyone is chatty beforehand, but once the class is underway, there is little time for conversation.
As they say, “Variety is the spice of life,” and there is plenty of it at Rochester Hills boot camp. No two classes are exactly the same. Best of all, there are variations for every exercise to accommodate different skill levels. During each session, there is a warm-up, followed by intense exercises, and wrapped up with a cool-down. Many boot camps use interval training, which involves several minutes of intense “burst” cardio, followed by a minute or so of “recovery.”
You’ll get to know your Rochester Hills boot camp instructor and many of the participants in the class. Boot camps tend to attract people who like a little more individual attention than the mega-classes or the run-of-the-mill gym membership. People are very enthusiastic about boot camp workouts and results, so the camaraderie tends to be great. Also, the instructor meets with each new member to learn more about his or her goals, skill levels, and injury history.
Boot camp instructors get to know their classes very well. They can see when their participants are “dogging it” and when they could use a much-needed break. The way boot camp is structured – around a short-term program that must be adhered to three times a week like clockwork – ensures maximum results. Getting to know your instructor and fellow boot campers will give you a sense of accountability and motivate you to achieve your goals.
Rochester Hills boot camp is a high-intensity, results-oriented program that conditions your body into a more flexible, stronger, leaner and healthier machine!

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