Individuals thinking about Waterford weight loss can’t help but hear all the success stories from patients who have survived a surgical procedure like a gastric bypass or gastric binding. In fact, it’s estimated that five percent of Americans have considered surgical weight loss. Nowadays, most people elect for gastric binding, which is less risky and not quite so permanent as cutting out a portion of the stomach. During a gastric binding procedure, a band is placed across the stomach to shrink its surface area, which makes people’s appetites shrink, therefore enabling them to lose weight faster and more effectively. However, there are certain risks that are not as publicized.

Did you know that nearly TWO THIRDS of the patients who undergo weight loss surgery are re-admitted to the hospital to have the band repaired or removed? The Archives of Surgery looked at 82 patients over the course of 12 years and discovered that 28 percent suffered from “band erosion,” requiring repeat surgeries. Of those, 5 percent needed to have the band removed. On the flip side, patients who underwent “successful” surgeries lost an average of 48 percent of their excess weight, and lowered diabetes, sleep apnea, hypertension and other health conditions.

The real problem with Waterford weight loss surgery is that people have trouble changing their lifestyles. The perception of surgery is that it’s “the magic bullet” to weight loss, but deep down, you know there is no instant fix. It took you years to put on the weight and it may very well take years to get it off. You will need mental fortitude, whether you get the lap band surgery or not. For instance, if you were to only eat ¼ of a Big Mac, instead of a whole Big Mac, you would still be consuming food that lacks the proper nutrients, vitamins, and minerals you need to be healthy. Since you will be able to eat less food on your new lap band diet, you need to make every calorie count toward your overall health. Changes will need to be made either way. In fact, the most successful weight loss surgeries occur when patients first demonstrate they can lose some weight on their own and follow a dietician’s instructions.

Are you looking for help with Waterford weight loss before deciding whether you want to go through with surgery or not? You can save a lot of recovery time, money and hassle by trying the customized nutritionist and fitness trainer program at Fit Concepts first!


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