The National Institutes of Health are focusing on people ages 50+. The new program they’re promoting is called “Go 4 Life” which emphasizes how people can stay active, reduce their risk of illness and live a healthy, happy life as a senior citizen. They are offering copies of their book, Exercise & Physical Activity: Your Everyday Guide from the National Institute on Aging, or people can go to their website to learn more.  Here at Fit Concepts Oakland County fitness center, we work with a lot of people ages 50+, whether it be in our group classes, boot camps, or personal training sessions.

One of the major obstacles we hear about from our Oakland County fitness members is just getting started and sticking with it. We find better retention rates among our members who get involved with our trainers, nutritionists and staff members. We can sit down with you and discuss your physical history and goals to develop a meal plan and exercise regimen that works for you. We can show you how to use all the equipment and help you get hooked up with fun group classes that you’ll really enjoy. Many of our members meet likeminded people in the group sessions and make new friends who can be “workout buddies” to keep each other motivated.

We also come across a lot of people who have preexisting health conditions that make them fearful to be “too active.” Whether you have cancer, diabetes, arthritis, a knee injury, or heart disease, there is something at our Oakland County fitness center for you. Our personal trainers are certified to work with people of all backgrounds and conditions, so we will set something up that is safe but also productive to help you become healthier.

One of the things health experts have discovered is that 30 percent of people ages 45-64 engage in regular leisure time physical activity. Worse yet, only 25 percent of those ages 65-74 do and only 11 percent of people age 85 and older are physically active. These physical activity rates are surprisingly low! In the past, you had physicians telling people to just “take it easy” and avoid “hurting themselves.” Unfortunately, we have learned that being sedentary can actually hurt people more than help them. Our Oakland County fitness group is focused on helping people of all ages increase their activity levels to a safe and comfortable level.

Studies confirm that even moderately fit men and women have a 50 percent lower risk of Type II Diabetes, Hypertension, Coronary Heart Disease, Obesity and Cancer. High fit men and women can lower their risk by 60 to 75 percent! In another study, NIH found that people over 60 who did resistance and endurance training had a significant reduction in knee pain compared to those who “took it easy.” A pilot study found that even the most sedentary, borderline-disabled individuals who were afraid of falling or injuring themselves while working out were able to walk and perform other daily activities with greater proficiency when they worked with trained professionals. This is encouraging news for anyone looking to become more active and age gracefully.

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